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This latest release for MOTOTRO delivers operational updates and new innovative features focusing on user safety.

Home Channel Reminder

When your user has moved away from the home channel for too long, the MOTOTRBO radio sends a reminder as a tone, a pre-recorded voice announcement, or a text-to-speech announcement.

Emergency Search Tone

The MOTOTRBO radio makes a loud, attention-grabbing noise when it is in Emergency Mode, helping the response team to locate the radio user in need of help or alert them to a situation.

Emergency Enhancements

Make your emergency calls more effective with these new features: radio LED indicating Emergency Mode, configurable target talkgroup, configurable duration of Emergency Rx Alarm Tone, vibration on Emergency Alarm (specific model), configurable Emergency Hot Microphone Receiving and Transmitting times, and playing Emergency Call Decode Tone whenever no one is speaking (configurable).

Other features:

  • GPS Priority over Voice
  • Roaming RSSI per site in IP Site Connect and Linked Capacity Plus
  • Adaptive Rest Channel RDAC Alarm
  • Improve RSSI Indication
  • New Switches and Routers Support
  • SL1M Radio Contact Alias
  • SL1M Trill Enhancement
  • SL1M OTA Battery Management
  • System Application Support for WAVE 3000 R1.2, GW3-TRBO (Genesis) R2.12, Smart PTT (Elcomplus) R8.7, TRBOnet (Neocom) R4.7, and Scout (Avtec) R4.0



Ease of Use and Management

Improve the ease of use for your radios. Access a new platform for IMPRES battery management over-the-air. Experience the best of MOTOTRBO with this latest release.

Text to Speech

Your radio can now read text out loud. Hear about channels, zones, functions, messages and work order tickets.

IMPRES Over-the-Air Battery Management

Maintain record for each battery that is used on the system. Get data via the MOTOTRBO radio network through direct MNIS (IP) connection to a repeater, or using a control station. Maintain record for each battery that is used on the system. Get data via the MOTOTRBO radio network through direct MNIS (IP) connection to a repeater, or using a control station.

User-selectable Audio Profiles

Tune your audio characteristics to suit your preference and your workplace. Customise the audio response of your radios.

Event Driven Location Update

Configure your radio to send an alert and location update whenever an event occurs. Ensure visibility and accountability of your fleet and workforce.

Other Features

  • Repeater Diagnostic Enhancements
  • Backlight Enhancements
  • Clear to Send Audio Mute in Digital Mode
  • Pre-configured Telephone Patch
  • Switch Speaker
  • Trill Enhancement
  • DMR Tier II Text Messaging
  • Multi Button PTT

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The new release for Connect Plus system delivers increased system size, giving you the capability to create and manage a large system for a fast expanding user base.

Priority Monitor Scan

Help your user to react quickly to urgent calls by leaving a call in progress for a higher priority call. You can manage talkgroups efficiently for your large workforce. Also, ensure uninterrupted communications such as Emergency, Multi-Group, Private or Site All Calls.

Fast GPS

Tap into 28 dedicated GPS channels per site for faster and more efficient location information. Key benefits are reduced load on the control channel, more precise timing, and faster updates for your GPS reports.

New specifications:

  • Site count increases from 70 to 250
  • Maximum number of private contacts increases to 1600
  • Max talkpaths per XRT increase from 100 registered and 30 active to 500 registered and 100 active
  • Increase of raw data throughput of the XRT

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  • Ultra-Slim, less than 22mm thick
  • Rugged design with IP54 rating
  • Shatterproof Active View with LED display
  • Easy operation with side volume control and top toggle channel switch
  • Quick response with prominent push-to-talk button

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Whether you need the simplicity of a single site conventional system, or the powerful trunking capabilities of MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus or Connect Plus, the SLR 5000 repeater delivers the power of digital two-way radio to your workforce.

This new repeater offers more processing power, more memory and more data storage. The architecture even has provision for expansion modules, should more functionality be required in the future.

  • 50W Output with 100% Duty Cycle
  • Backward Compatible with Analog and MOTOTRBO Systems
  • Slimmest Repeater in the Market
  • Easy Accessibility for Programming

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WAVE™ 3000

WAVE 3000 is part of the WAVE Work Group Communications portfolio – a range of solutions delivering instant and secure PTT communications across the entire organisation.

Experience the power of two-way radio experience over any broadband IP network: Wifi, 3G or 4G cellular. Imagine the freedom to communicate with your workers from any location!

  • Available for MOTOTRBO Connect Plus and Linked Capacity Plus systems
  • Internet and Cellular Connectivity
  • Simple, Fast Installation
  • Support Talk Group of 500 Users
  • Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) for an annual fee

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Next Steps by Motorola

  • Motorola radios such as MOTOTRBO XiR P8600 will be approved to TIA 4950 standard for use in Division 1, Class I, Groups C, D, Class II, Group E, F, G and Class III hazardous locations.
  • Radios and batteries certified to TIA4950 will enter production in the first quarter of 2015 with compliance testing conducted by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
  • Motorola radios, which are approved to the FM 3610-88 standard, will continue to be manufactured until 31 December 2015. Repair support at FM-audited repair facilities and sales of replacement batteries and accessories will continue.

Next Steps by Users

  • In preparation for the FM to TIA 4950 standard transition, facility documentation should define Hazardous Location requirements in terms of Division, Class and Group rather than simply “FM Approved” or “Intrinsically Safe”.
  • These definitions should be specified in insurance documents, Standard Operating Procedures, Health and Safety approvals, and Employee training.

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